Facilities and Equipment
  Equipment Inventory List - posted 5/11/10

 Our laboratory is equipped to conduct a range of ultrasonic research and testing projects, ranging from stress measurement to defect and material characterization.

     Travel-time measurements are made at an accuracy of 0.1 ns or better using a PC equipped with a Gage Applied Sciences Compuscope 265 Data Acquisition Board and Labview Professional Version software with signal analysis capability.

     Ultrasonic instrumentation includes a Panametrics 5052-PR pulser/receiver plus an assortment of longitudinal and shear wave probes with frequencies ranging from 1 MHz to 25 MHz.

     Stress measurement calibrations are available with an instrumented load frame enabling convenient travel-time and strain gauge correlations for various materials. National Instruments hardware is used with Labview for strain readings.

     The illustrations below are from "Ultrasonic Stress Measurement Using PC Based and Commercial Flaw Detectors," accepted for publication in Review of Scientific Instruments.

Tension frame for stress, strain and travel-time measurements.
  Fig. 5.  Verification of the stresses as measured by the strain gauge.
  Fig. 6.  Comparison of the results for strain gauge and LCR
           measurements using the PC-based system.