Previous Clients (recent)

Poly Processing Company - Development of ultrasonic process for tank inspection.

Avon Corporation - Ultrasonic research on biological materials.

The University of Technology Papua New Guinea – Assist in developing NDE Center and teach NDE short course.

General Electric Aircraft Engines, Cincinnati, Ohio, Research on ultrasonic stress measurement.

Koch Industries, Wichita, KS – Research on ultrasonic stress measurement in pressure vessels.

AIMM Technology, Houston, Texas – Evaluate acoustic pipe cleaning technique.

U. S. Air Force, Wright Patterson Materials Research Lab – Evaluate NDE education.

Davis & Shank, Attorneys – Evaluate manufacturing and design of pipe retainer bracket.

Proto Manufacturing, Old Castle, Ontario CANADA – Research on ultrasonic stress measurement.

Kaiser Aluminum, Pleasanton, CA, Research in ultrasonic stress measurement in rolled aluminum plates.

Karta Technologies, Inc., San Antonio, TX, - Research in ultrasonic inspection of boiler tubes.

Pan Caribe, Inc., Austin, Texas, Advise on metal selection for musical steel drums.

State of Maine, Governor’s Independent Team for Repair Analysis at Maine Yankee.

Odyssey Group, Fort Worth, Texas, Investigate crane accident.

McHenry and Mitchell, Little Rock, AR, Ultrasonic inspection of railroad rail.

Hickham-Sulzer, La Porte, Texas, Ultrasonic stress measurement in turbine rotors.

ICO, Inc., Houston, Texas, Transducer evaluation for pipe inspection.

Adv. Monitoring Sys., Inc., The Woodlands, Texas, Ultrasonic transducer evaluation.

Triax Tube Company, Benton Harbor, Michigan, Investigate railroad accident.

Toshiba, Houston, Texas – Apply NDE to rotors in small electric motors.

Halliburton, Inc., Duncan, Oklahoma – Evaluate ultrasonic indications in oil field tool.

Texaco – Houston, Teach NDE short course for employees.

CBI, Inc., Houston, Texas - Survey and report alternative fluids for use in weld inspection of roofs in above ground storage tanks.

Bossier Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, Jeep, Bryan, Texas - Inspect welds in reinforcing plates on lifts.

Felts, Mashburn, Contreras and Lisenby, PC, Austin, Texas - Expert advice on crane accident.